Friday, April 27, 2012

Day #7: TRU 21-day detox/weight loss program

Tomorrow, two things happen: (1) I switch from the Standard Process Cleanse capsules to the SP Green capsules; and (2) I do my first weigh-in.

If you want to see some impressive progress on the cleanse, you should check out my colleague Carolyn Tucker's blog over at the Buckhead Patch!  She's an inspiration to me.

Not much to report from today except that it's really important (at least for me) to add flaxseed oil to my breakfast shake.  Today I forgot - and it was the first day I had to manage hunger since I've started the cleanse.

Something else I noticed: the refrigerator is getting empty.  How did I EAT all those vegetables?  Amazing.


Ruth A. Cochran, MS, LAPC, NCC
TRU Integrative Health & Wellness