Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day #6: TRU 21-day detox/weight loss program

It's a little hard to believe I've arrived at Day #6 of the cleanse, almost 1/3 of the way through.

It's also a little hard to believe I'm still awake.  In fact, I am so sleepy tonight that I almost forgot to write a blog entry.

Here's how I remembered: I was leafing through Psychology Today, thinking to myself, "Hmmmm, I really need to be sleeping - but at least this is better than watching 7 episodes of Smash on Hulu" when I ran across an article on asparagus. 

I was reflecting on the coincidence that I had just tried a new asparagus recipe a few hours earlier and thinking how interesting it was that Louis XIV of France had special greenhouses built to cultivate asparagus (white or green?) when I realized, "Oops, I haven't blogged tonight - and I meant to tell everyone about just how good broiled asparagus can be!" - whether or not it comes from a greenhouse built for a king.

Asparagus Fries

Asparagus, however much you like
1 tablespoon of olive oil per pound of asparagus
Celtic Sea Salt

Cut off woody end of asparagus.  Line a pan with foil and preheat broiler.  Lay out the asparagus in a line on the lined pan and sprinkle with olive oil first, then sea salt.  Broil for 7-9 minutes, very close to the broiler coil, then turn the asparagus over and broil for another 3-5 minutes (time depends on thickness of the stalks).

(And the Psychology Today article suggests storing freshly-bought asparagus in the refrigerator EITHER in a damp paper towel OR (having cut the bottoms off the stems) standing in a small amount of water.


Ruth A. Cochran, MS, LAPC, NCC