Thursday, September 6, 2012

 A Little Success Each Day

I just recently became a licensed massage therapist and joined a wellness practice
in northern Atlanta offering massage and Reiki sessions.  Being new to my
profession and also new to marketing my services, I knew I was taking on a bit
of a challenge.  But when it comes to creating health and wellness in my own life
and assisting other people in creating it in their lives, I am a champion!

I'll share the secret I'm using...see every day as a little success to the path of a
thriving practice.  For example, the very first step I took was to have an open
house and give 10 minute demo massages. I passed out flyers to all the
businesses in the neighborhood and sent out email invitations.  On the day of
my open house, I was blessed with one guest! There was a time in my life when
I would have viewed this as failure BUT if I'm going to walk on the path to
success then EVERY step is taking me there! Every day, every week, I
continue to celebrate each new client I see.  For me, having success come in small
steps has added a richness and depth to my practice that I most likely
would not have experienced if it was coming fast and furious.

Our dreams and goals are meant to be Lived! Take a small step Today!
Celebrate!  Then take another step.  Destination Success...enjoy every step
on the way!

Dawn Goforth-Kelly, LMT