Sunday, October 10, 2010

Go With the Flow, Man!

A couple of months, I was caught in quite a conundrum, your typical rock and a hard place. Every where I looked, it looked like I was going to lose. It seemed like no matter what I did, I couldn't fix the situation, and the people who, in my estimation, could fix the situation, weren't budging. And boy, did I kick and scream!!!

Then one day, after listening to wise guidance from someone very near to my heart, I realized I was powerless, and altogether powerful at the same time. While I was unable to change the situation or change other people's behavior, I had complete power over where I focused my attention, and what I believed about the situation.

In that, I found my flow. Since that time, I have been blissfully riding the current of my life. I have welcomed into my life an abundance of blessings including a new husband, a new puppy, a growing practice, loving and supportive friends and family, and the list goes on! And I feel exuberant!!

Now don't get me wrong! Before you close your browser and gag from all the goodness, let me assure you that these past couple of months have also brought death, disability, and some dark moments to my doorstep! You see, being in the flow is not like winning the lottery. It's more like riding waves of energy that ebb and flow. When you're in the flow, life doesn't all of a sudden become Candy Land, but more like Chutes and Ladders!

The key to being in the flow is ACCEPTANCE.

So, are you in your flow? Are things coming and going from your life as they should?

Or are you stuck in resistance and despair? What are you trying to have power over that is out of your ability to control? Where have you given away your personal power? Who are you letting control you? And are you kicking and screaming all the way? Are there things that you have been pushing against in your life that need to be welcomed in and grieved with a big box of Kleenex and your favorite soft blanket?

My fellow Journeyers, as the winds come and the seasons change, let's change with them. Let's let go together and go with the flow.

All the Best,